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ESL students in Seattle, 1998. Submit your classroom or activity photo!


ESL Journal™ is a magazine for students and especially teachers of English as a Second Language. It is intended
  • to move classroom writing to a new level
  • to build listening comprehension skill
  • to provide a discussion forum for teachers and related ESL professionals
  • to offer a platform for the expression of teaching concepts and research.
  • to promote social networking among persons interested in ESL and language acquisition
  • to make students' work accessible to friends and relatives both at home and in their host or new countries and to show their progress in acquiring skills in written English


You can register as a member and comment on many aspects of the site. We ask only that you participate in the interactive features of the site and help other members by commenting and answering their questions.

Contribute Articles

You can contribute! Teachers and other ESL professionals may submit articles on pedagogy and related technology.

Start your own magazine

You are reading the master ESL Journal site. Other ESL Journal sites are operated by teachers and schools. You can also start an ESL Journal for your own school or region. Publishing is very inexpensive and requires only basic word processing skills to get started. All the editing and site maintenance for each magazine is done right in your web browser. Information about starting your own magazine is here.

Plans for the Site

In the coming months, we will be expanding ESL Journal to make it easier to post articles. Members will be enabled to post full length articles directly by uploading a PDF attached to a blog post. Blog posts already permit comments, allowing for criticism (be constructive, please). Watch the news for more information. We would like to push this all forward immediately, but our labor of love competes with our day jobs, so be patient with us, please.

Member Updates Preview

Ayse Isken 04-Feb-2021
Rees Clark 22-Sep-2016
Added a new article by Gregg Romano.
RobertKosuth 03-May-2016
I'm retired from ESL teaching and administrative work at the college level both in the US and overseas and would like to stay connected by sharing some writing and ideas about what I have learned.
Londondungeon 05-Feb-2015
At the very start of my never-ending career as an ESL teacher in El Salvador, the terms such as methods and approaches were not that helpful while I was trying to teach the present perfect tense to a group of a 24 civil engineering students. However,...
PREM 05-Feb-2015
Interested in looking for articles related to writing and publishing

ESLJ Weblog

A Practical Approach to Teaching L2 Grammar
The communicative activity being introduced here has been designed for Japanese L2 intermediate level learners in mind. The emphasis is on the most frequently encountered grammatical problems that students face. The activity centers on a... Continues...

New Article Formats Adopted
ESL Journal is moving with the trends of the times (unless they change again tomorrow morning, sigh). New professional articles will now appear in summary form in the Web Log, and the full contents will be available as downloadable PDFs... Continues...
Respond, but be slow to react
(By Prof. V. Prakash) We cannot imagine a world without communication. At the same time, from time immemorial, communication has been the cause of worry to the civilized world. There can be no prescriptions if one decides to put across the... Continues...
Semantic and Lexical Issues in Writings by Korean Children
This paper discusses the results of a study which investigated the lexical difficulties faced by Korean children with regard to their writing in English. The study involved 10 children aged 12 – 13 who attended an English summer camp at... Continues...
'Podcasting' - Sewing a New Kind of Seed
The rising worldwide popularity of MP3 sound files and the iPod makes it possible for sound files to be easily added to articles in an ESL Journal site. (Example)

A teacher can use MP3 files - which can be downloaded to a simple device... Continues...
TESL for the World of Work
V. Prakash argues that ESL should address the real needs of students, who primarily need English as a career skill. He points out that ESL curricula and syllabi should not but often do reflect instead the more academic aspirations of... Continues...
Less, More, either, both? Toward practical outcomes
In her new article Less can be More, Gillian James of the University of Salford leads us toward contemporary speech and writing in frequently encountered media as a spur to encourage creative use of speech exercises promoting practical... Continues...

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